Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm going to regret this in an hour.

So, it's 1.35am and my daughter is fast asleep. My boyfriend just made hashbrowns and is asking if I want to go to walmart tomorrow after he gets home from work. Clearly the romance is still alive.

I really need to be sleeping. I tried to go to sleep, I really did, but I just couldn't. And when Lauren wakes up in about an hour because she is hungry or wet, I am really going to be miserable. I am sure I will be tired, and I am sure I will want to kick myself in the ass. Like I said, I am going to regret this.

I am having an amazing time at home with the baby. I do not want to go back to work in 11 days. Not at all. I can't even think about getting up at 5am and getting ready to go spend the day away from my baby. With all the people I was so glad to get away from those mere 5.5 weeks ago. But the savings account is decreasing, and we only have enough diapers and toilet paper for the next two weeks, so McGinty's here I come.

I don't really work at a place called McGinty's. That's just code. We are not allowed to talk about the company of employees on any social networking sites. Good rule. Too bad I stumbled across a clear violation a week or so ago. But I can't say anymore without violating the rules myself.

I went to an awesome amazing fun Mary Kay event last night at the Rennaissance. I love when our NSD's are here. They are so inspirational. And I got a new team member, my first, my bestie Kendra. Pretty pumped. And there are so many new things happening this quarter. I am loving all the new looks and the deals, and I can't wait to do all my model pictures!! I need to get a bunch more face models though, because I think I am going to do things a little crazy this season and try multiple looks on the same girl, and have a big variety of girls. :)

Well, these are my middle of the night ramblings. I am finally tired. I bet as soon as I crawl into bed, Lauren will wake up. We shall see. See you tomorrow world. :)

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